Garage Amsterdam

Garage Amsterdam was initiated by MAFB and GP Events. The event took place in Garage Kempering, which is located in Amsterdam South East. It’s an area where not everyone often visit and there are a lot of misconceptions concerning the area and the people who live there. We think that it is cool that they decided to hold the event in South East, which helps promote south east and give people the opportunity to actually visit the area. The event was held in a garage and the first and second floor of the garage housed several music and design artists. There were life performances, several DJ's performed, street art to be seen, pop up shops and exhibits. We love it when young and creative entrepreneurs are given a platform to share their creativity.

Here are some photos of Choc and Rock chocolate chunks which are made right here in Amsterdam!

We tried their dark chocolate with dried Mango and its so rich and yummy! 

Visit their instagram page Choc and Rock to find out more and we hope that you'll try it!

We also met really cool designers of Studio Mulder and checked out a few of their  cool designs

We decided to get this cool backpack in grey and black!

                 Visit their instragram page Studio Mulder to learn more about Studio Mulder.

Natural facial scrubs  by vanillouise Naturals .
We are currently trying the tea tree mint facial scrub and it smells and feels wonderful.

Below are some photos of the ambience at Garage Amsterdam.

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Photographed by P & H.

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